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Assembly Careers

Assemblers put together automobiles and airplanes in high-tech fields.

Entry-Level Qualifications

High school diploma or equivalent

What Assemblers Do

Assemblers put together finished products and the parts that go into them. Assemblers work with their hands, tools and machines to put together automobiles, airplanes, computers and electronics.

Who Should Become an Assembler?

Anyone with an interest in building high tech equipment. Assemblers are critical to developing the products and equipment we use everyday.

What is the Job Like?

Most assemblers work in manufacturing plants and collaborate with engineers to develop new products, read blueprints and assemble parts. Assemblers are often responsible for quality control evaluations.

How Do I Become an Assembler?

A high school diploma or equivalent is needed, although the requirements for assembler positions vary depending on the industry and employer. Additional training may be needed for more advanced assembly work.

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