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Cool Careers for Students

Cool Career Options

Want a cool career in advanced manufacturing? Check out your options below and find out how to get started.

What’s So Cool About Manufacturing®

Mechanical engineering Careers

Mechanical engineers develop, test, and improve processes and products using advanced mathematics and physics. See More

What’s So Cool About Manufacturing®

Assembly Careers

Assemblers work with their hands, tools and machines to put together automobiles, computers, airplanes, and more. See More

CAD Technician Careers

Computer Aided Design (CAD) technicians use software to create design plans for many industries. See More

What’s So Cool About Manufacturing®

Chemical Engineering Careers

Chemical engineers solve problems related to the production of food, fuel, drugs, and many other products in your daily life. See More

What’s So Cool About Manufacturing®

Welding Careers

Welders use hand-held equipment to fuse metal together. Welding is used everywhere – from underwater to outer space. See More

What’s So Cool About Manufacturing®

Mechatronics Careers

Mechatronics training prepares you to work with highly-automated systems in electronics, mechanics, computers and robots. See More

What’s So Cool About Manufacturing®

Accounting Careers

Accountants analyze financial information and discover different ways to make manufacturing more affordable. See More

What’s So Cool About Manufacturing®

Electronics Careers

Electronics engineers work on computer equipment, robotics, automotive equipment, and missile control systems. See More

What’s So Cool About Manufacturing®

Machinist Careers

Machinists are similar to sculptors – they take blocks of metal and shape them into precision parts. See More

What’s So Cool About Manufacturing®

Supply Chain Careers

Supply chain professionals manage the creation and movement of materials between manufacturers and consumers. See More

How to Build Your Career

Step One:
Contact a Counselor

Talk to your school’s guidance counselor or your college’s career advisor to find out more information on available training resources and scholarships.

Step Two:
Complete Training

You can complete training in as little as 12 months. Pennsylvania students can complete 12 to18-month programs, two-year degree program, and four-year degree programs.

Step Three:
Begin Your Career

Many advanced manufacturing training programs have 100 percent job placement. Most manufacturers begin as a paid apprentice and move on to journeyman in 18 months.

Where to Build Your Skills

There are many places in Pennsylvania where you can build your skills for a cool manufacturing career. Click the icons below to find out more about them.

Inside Manufacturing Series

Produced by the Manufacturers Resource Center (MRC) and PBS39 Lehigh Valley, the Inside Manufacturing online video series opens the doors to area companies revealing the technology, career opportunities and modern work environments that are characteristic of today’s manufacturing companies.

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