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CAD Technician Careers

Computer-aided design (CAD) technicians use software to create design plans in a wide range of industries.

Entry-Level Qualifications

High school diploma or equivalent

What CAD Technicians Do

CAD Technicians prepare digital drawings and designs in all stages of the design process. They get to see their work come to life in products, equipment, and buildings.

Who Should Become a CAD Technician?

The best CAD technicians combine “right brain” and “left brain” attributes. This is a career for people who are good at math and interested in design and software. You need to be creative and like to know how things are made.

How Do I Become a CAD Technician?

CAD Technicians can continue technical schooling to develop their marketable skills and build into other technical careers. Employment opportunities are available in a wide variety of industries such as civil, structural, electrical, electronic piping, architectural, and tool and die drafting.

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