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Chemical Engineering Careers

Chemical engineers are responsible for making everything you use and everything you find in your daily life.

Entry-Level Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree

What Chemical Engineers Do

Chemical engineers solve problems related to the production of food, fuel, drugs, and many other chemical products. This can include product development, process design and byproduct processing.

Who Should Become a Chemical Engineer?

People that do well in chemistry and math. All chemical engineering courses use math and calculus, as well as higher-level mathematics. Computer skills are also required for process simulations and designs.

What is the Job Like?

Anything that is manufactured requires a chemical engineer. Chemical engineers determine the materials needed to make products as well as how to make them stronger. Everything is chemical engineered – toothpaste, potato chips, gasoline, the plastic in your smartphone. Everything. You’ll be working in project teams with other engineers to manufacture products.

How Do I Become a Chemical Engineer?

You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited program. Becoming a licensed chemical engineer also requires additional exams and work experience beyond just the bachelor’s degree.

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