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Electronics Careers

Electronics technicians work on computer equipment, robotics, automotive equipment, and missile control systems.

Entry-Level Qualifications

Associates degree

What Electronics Technicians Do

Electronics engineering technicians build, test, troubleshoot and repair electronic components such as computer equipment, robotics, automotive equipment and missile control systems.

Who Should Become an Electronics Technician?

People that are interested in the theories of electronics. This career often requires knowledge of electrical circuitry, engineering mathematics and physics.

What is the Job Like?

You’ll be working from blueprints or wiring schematics to assemble, test or troubleshoot electronic equipment. Responsibilities include adjusting or testing defective or improperly functioning circuitry, soldering electronic circuitry, performing preventative maintenance or calibration of equipment and working directly with electrical engineers to adjust product specifications.

How Do I Become and Electronics Technician?

STEM education is very important for this career, as it requires heavy knowledge of computer science and engineering. Most entry-level engineering technician positions require an associate’s degree or post-secondary certificate.

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