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Machinist Careers

Machinists produce precision parts using the latest in machine tools.

Entry-Level Qualifications

High school diploma or equivalent for entry-level position

What Machinists Do

Machinists are similar to sculptors – they take blocks of metal and shape them into precision parts using a combination of computer-controlled and mechanical machine tools capable of cutting, grinding, drilling, milling, and polishing.

Who Should Become a Machinist?

People that enjoy working with their hands and making useful things from scratch. You should pursue a machinist career if you love math, are good with computers, and have a strong attention to detail.

What is the Job Like?

Most machinists work in machine shops using computer-numeric-controlled (CNC) equipment. Machinists receive blueprints and technical drawings from engineers, and then use CNC equipment to cut, drill, and polish parts to the drawing’s exact parameters.

How Can I Become a Machinist?

Machinists train in apprenticeship programs, vocational schools, community and technical colleges, or informally on the job. A high school diploma is necessary.

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