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Mechanical Engineering Careers

Mechanical engineers create and test new products using advanced mathematics and physics.

Entry-Level Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree

What Mechanical Engineers Do

Mechanical engineers design, build, and test all sorts of mechanical and thermal devices, including tools, engines and machines. There are 17 specializations in mechanical engineering, though many engineers fluctuate between specializations throughout their career.

Who Should Become a Mechanical Engineer?

This is an excellent career for creative people that have an interest in mathematics, physics and mechanical systems. Communication skills are important as you’ll often be working in teams with engineers and researchers in related fields.

What is the Job Like?

Mechanical engineers generally work in offices run by engineering, research and development, and manufacturing companies, as well as the federal government. Engineers design, test and assemble product prototypes, as well as communicate proposals to vendors, clients and other professionals on the design team.

How Do I Become a Mechanical Engineer?

A bachelor’s degree is required, with a graduate degree typically needed for managerial positions. Mechanical engineers are also required to pass both state and national examination to obtain the title of Professional Engineer (PE).

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