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Mechantronics Careers

Working in mechatronics job is like being a technician with no limits.

Entry-Level Qualifications

High school diploma and technical training

What Mechatronics Technicians Do

Mechatronics technicians work with highly automated electronic, mechanical, computer and robotic systems. Technicians in mechatronics, often called electro-mechanical technicians, reprogram and maintain equipment as well as troubleshoot problems.

Who Should Become a Mechantronics Technician?

This is a career for people who love problem solving. Your interests must include computers and math. Technicians are trained to use their hands and their brains to do this job

What is the Job Like?

A mechatronics job is a varying mixture of electronics and mechanical obstacles which must be overcome every day. The job can be different each day and the technician can work across a multitude of departments and industries.

How Do I Become a Mechantronics Technician?

Because mechatronics combines electronic, mechanical, computer and robotic skills, there are lots of available, good paying jobs available in Pennsylvania manufacturing companies. The need for Mechatronic Technicians will continue to grow as technology progresses.

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